Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sunshine & Summertime

San Diego was amazing- The above picture is a great representation of how I felt the entire week I was there. We had so much fun playing in the Ocean, watching dolphins from our balcony, playing tennis, swimming, trying to get ready and cook with no electricity and cold showers one day while the electricity was out(!), and soaking up the California sun!

Sea World was doing this promotional "summer nights" thing while we were there and of course I was loving that. We went to a night show called Shamu Rocks and let me just say Shamu truly did ROCK! That show was so awesome, and don't even worry that our family got the wave started in Shamu Stadium. Yes, we are that cool...

We went to the Wild Animal Park and the San Diego Zoo while we were there as well. Let me just say that I felt like the Wild Animal Park was a total bust! You had to walk about 5 miles just to get to the next exhibit and then when you got there, no animals were to be seen! We still made the most of it though, even though it was "blazing hot"! ( that is a direct quote from my Dad.)

One day we went down to San Diego and walked along the boardwalk, it was so fun! There was a ton of fun little shops to look in and a lot of crazies on the street trying to sell stuff. This guy was there with about 20 different parrots and he would just grab you and put the parrot on your shoulder or arm. He accepted donations naturally. That parrot Z is holding was so massive! It scared me half to death.
Kendall's parrot wasn't quite as huge, but still freaks me out!
Luckily our condo had tennis courts so we finally got to hold the long anticipated tennis match between myself and my Dad. We took a picture mid-match where I was leading 4-3. Don't worry I went on to beat my Dad TWICE! He went home and bought a racket so he could practice up for next year, and to that I say, dream on!

Zachary wasn't able to make it for the first couple days and I was so happy when he finally got there, it is always so fun to be on vacation together!

The last day my family was all leaving before our flight left so we had to rent a car in order to get to the airport. Zachary got the chance to rent the Mustang convertible at a cheap rate and just couldn't pass it up. It was fun cruising around with the top down for the day, even though Z looked like a lobster by the end of the day because he was so sunburnt!

We had such a fun time spending time with my family on such a great vacation, it was a great way to start my summer! Somehow I didn't get any pictures on here of us boogie boarding, but you better believe we went everyday! I also learned how to body surf which is really fun. We can't wait to do it again next year! I definitely don't get to see my family as much as I'd like to and I love it more than anything when we are all at the same place at the same time!


B said...

your life rocks!!!!

Clair and Tracy said...

Absolutely loved this post!!