Friday, January 16, 2009

A Vegas Vacation

Zachary and I had a long weekend last week so we decided a quick getaway to "Fabulous Las Vegas" would be fun! It was spontaneous which I don't do well with, but we made the most of it!
(Please don't ask about our pose, I do not know what we are doing.)
Hands down my favorite thing we did was Siegfried and Roy's Dolphin and Lion Habitat at the Mirage. I could have spent hours there!

This Lion seriously growled at us, and I thought he was coming through the fence to get us. It scared us so bad, but it was hilarious!

I love, love, loved the dolphins. I used to want to be a Marine Biologist ya know, serious! After seeing the dolphins I am SO excited for our trip to Sea World in March- I can't hardly wait!

Zachary's favorite part of the trip would have to be the buffets! He just can't get enough of that crab! I think those buffets are rather sick though.

Love the Bellagio water show, it's always so amazing to me.

I was in heaven at the M&M's store- so fun! Of course I stocked up.

One of our nights we went to a Lance Burton Magic Show. The Magic show was really Zachary's favorite thing. Those illusions are crazy, I just do not understand how they get those tricks to work! It was so fun to get away together and be in some WARM weather! Until next year...


shaunie said...

I'm with you on the buffet...good food, but if you watch the way some people around you eat, it can get rather unnerving.

Olson Family said...

Looks like so much fun. I am in need of a long WARM vacation. Acutally any vacation at this point would do, away from kids for just a night, I say this as Adi is throwing things at me in one of her fits. Anyways, can you tell I am jealous of your fun vacation.

Rachel said...

You are so beautiful in EVERY pic. it's not fair...
Looks like you guys had a blast!
And I love the pose in front of the sign, it's a classic!!

Annie and Jonny said...

Holy M&Ms!! What a fun trip!

B said...

you are so adorable. I am so glad that I have you as a bestie! I am calling you today. I have some insane news! Love you so much and can't wait till I go to vegas with ya someday honey!