Thursday, July 24, 2008

Weekend in Park City

For our Anniversary we decided to have a little weekend getaway in Park City. The funnest thing about going to Park City is that whenever I go there it reminds me of our Honeymoon so much! We spent our Honeymoon in Whistler Canada, which is just like Park City, only bigger.

We took a ride on this little trolley, and I have no idea why, but we were loving taking pictures on it!

Zachary and I probably fell over like 50 times trying to take these pictures, and I think the driver was getting really annoyed of us!

After walking up and down Main Street for which seemed like forever trying to decide where to eat we decided to eat dinner at a Piano Bar called Prime on Main Street. It was really good food, great service, and such a fun atmosphere. The guy playing the Piano was seriously jammin' out!

It was such a fun weekend and always great to just take a vacation from daily life together!


KrisandBrooke said...

Hey--- You will never never never guess this!!! Sunday was our anniversary. We stayed in Park City and ate and Prime Sat. night. It is one of my favorite places. We had reservations for 9 on the patio? What time where you there?Dont you love their food? I have gone their so many times the owner remembers me. Congrats on the 1 year mark!

Cameron & Ashley said...

I just scrolled down your blog and WOW you've been busy this summer!! :) You guys seem like you're having a blast doing all sorts of fun stuff! Take advantage while you can, someday you'll be like me... stuck in the house in 2 hour incriments with a napping child, then for good at 7:30 for bedtime. Oh the life! :)

Rachel said...

You are so beautiful Kari. I love all the new pics!

Luke and Ali Stewart said...

You look gorgeous in al of those pictures! Sounds like you had a fun anniversary~