Monday, May 5, 2008

Road Trip to REXBURG!

Last weekend we headed up to Rexburg. It was definitely a little chilly there but we had fun! Zachary enjoyed fishing at some of his old favorite spots. He only caught one, but he had a nice encounter with a million snakes, YIKES! While Zachary was fishing I went with Nat and Trish to see Made of Honor, and of course I loved it. After the movie we had to eat at Wingers and I felt like it was old times, kinda sad that I don't know all the servers by name anymore...we definitely ate there way too much! It was so great to be back in Rexburg for the weekend, and I have to say I came home feeling a little homesick for it!
Luckily one snoasis opened early just for us, not really but we were SO HAPPY they were open!

We were sad to see that Me & Stan's had closed down so we had breakfast at JB's. There was this weirdo guy there making balloon animals for people- mainly kids- but of course Zachary wanted one. Can you guess what it is? It's an elephant- too funny!

The whole reason we went up to Rexburg was to watch Zachary play in a football game. He plays wide receiver and made a few great catches, I totally forgot to get some pics though! Luckily Nat and Trish could come along and keep me laughing!

Goodbyes are always sad, good thing Nat and Zachary are total G's, and good thing we will be going back to Rexburg next week for more fun! We can't wait!


Chelsea & Chad said...

You are so cute!! Thanks for your sweet comment! Chad says hello and so does Tanner.

nataley said...

Just so you know, that elephant is still in my front room. hahahahhahaha!