Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hogle Zoo

On Friday we went to the Hogle Zoo and let me just say I loved it! I was really impressed with the Zoo, and it was a lot better than I was expecting. One of the highlights was while we were there we got to see them feed the cougars, and man those cougars are crazy! It was definitley exciting to watch. It was a little bit cold that day, but we had fun seeing all there was to see!
Me and Kristin have a picture of us posing with this drinking fountain when we were REALLY young, it was fun to see it again!

Zachary, Kendall, and Collin

Zachary was lovin' lounging on this elephants trunk!

The whole fam- Miss you guys!

The Zoo had a baby giraffe and it was SO cute

This is why I love these guys! I forgot to rotate this picture, and it won't let me delete it so I guess you will just have to turn your heads!

The Hogle Zoo Train, hands down the best part of the zoo! ha-ha J/K, it was a bit of a joke for as old as we are, but we loved it anyways!


Rosie said...

Cute pic of the lions dragging your brother away!hehehe
I remeber going to Hogle Zoo growing up and the lion fountain....goodtimes!

Rosie said...
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Annie and Jonny said...

you guys all look so much alike with your shades on. Super cute! I bet the zoo was even more fun because you were with family. That just seems to be how it goes.