Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Home Sweet Home

This weekend we traveled home to Washington to visit. It was so fun to be home and spend some time with the family. It seems like every time we go home our weekends are jam-packed full of things to do, but we actually had a little bit of down time last weekend which was nice. Well at least I did, we went home to pick up a car that my parents were giving to us, and when we got there it still needed a little work, so lucky Zachary got to get up early on Saturday Morning and go into my Grandpa Rodriguez's to finish things up. It sounds like he had quite the adventure learning all sorts of new things about cars, and getting trailed around town with my Grandpa Rodriguez, which is of course hilarious to me. I'm lucky I married such a good sport, it seems like things in my family always get put off to the last minute, and we like to do everything in the most difficult way possible, and the whole time Zachary will just grin and make the best of everything! Other than fixing the car we got to watch Collin play a football game, Carmen play a soccer game, and celebrate Kendall's birthday. We also got to bring home my Mom's old Kitchen table, which is so great, we are really excited to test our creative powers and re-finish it! We love going home to visit, and only wish we could go every weekend! Thanks to Camille's wedding, it might not be too long until we get to come home and visit again.
We had to go to the Courthouse to get the Title on the car changed over, and Zachary and the Kids decided to explore. We got a shot of them up on the Balcony.

At Collin's football game, can you believe it was cold enough I had the break out the winter jacket?! We were freezing all afternoon!

We had Kendall's "Birthday Dinner" at this great little Mexican restaurant called Fiesta that we love in Pasco.

Kendall with her Birthday cake. I can't believe she is already 12 yrs. old!! It seems like the kids are growing up so much faster ever since I haven't lived at home. Kendall is such a great little helper, and so good to her little brother Collin, our family is so grateful for her! We love you Kendall!


Ben, Shaunie, and the girls said...

The kids will keep getting bigger and older every time you go back! Before I got married, I taught Collin in Sunbeams. Now every time I go back, I can't believe how big all those 'little' boys have gotten.

Tyler & Nicole said...

Kendall is 12 already?! That means she is a Beehive. Crazy! I hope she had a happy birthday, I bet it was fun to share it with her!

Trav & Camille said...

I wish we would have seen you guys while you were here!

tHe PitCheR mEmoRiEs said...

How fun you got to go home!! I can't believe Kendall is that old...Happy Birthday to her! I teach her age group (Beehives) at church and I love them!

Neil, Johanna, and Josie said...

your family is so dang cute! kendal is quite the girl...she was so nice to help me out at your wedding with josie...what a doll! happy birthday kendall!!