Tuesday, July 10, 2007


We watched the fireworks show in Idaho Falls along the River. We had such a great time, it was a great way to celebrate the fourth of July!
We took like a million shots of each other trying to get a good picture of the fireworks going off behind us, this is the best one we got!

It was just Zachary and I at the fireworks this year which I thought would be a little lonely, but I loved it! It was an absolute perfect night! The weather was great we just found a spot and watched people walk around, ate yummy food, and pretty much just loved being with each other! I can't wait until we get married, we only have 11 days to go!
At the fireworks this year in Idaho Falls they had all these vendors selling food. It was basically a miniature "fair." We had Hand-dipped corndogs ( my FAVORITE, sick I know), funnel cakes, and fries! I think we definitely got our fill of calories!

Good shot of Zachary


Trav & Camille said...

That looks so fun! I wish you guys lived by Trav and I so we could play! I can't believe you will be married in 11 days!

Tyler & Nicole said...

Fair food is the best! Even though it is SO unhealthy. Oh well, it looks like you had a ton of fun!

tHe PitCheR mEmoRiEs said...

How fun! Me and the girls love corndogs even if they are sick! As soon as we walk in the Fred Meyer doors the girls always ask "cand we get a corndog mommy?!" I changed my tickets so I could be there for you Wedding so I am SO excited! We fly down the 18th! See you in a few!

Ben, Shaunie, and the girls said...

Now only 9 days to go! Glad you enjoyed your holiday, hopefully without the heat! I welcome you home to Washington the oven this weekend!

Trav & Camille said...

It fit really good...its so pretty. I hope you don't mind? Are you guys coming back?